Madeira Island Benefits

Check back here regularly to see the latest Madeira island benefits!
A Loja do Vinho:
  • Following discounts are available at Loja de Vinhos and at the Blandy's Wine Lodge Shop at the airport.
  • 20% discount on table wines.
  • Discounts from 22,5% - 12,50% on Madeira wines.
madeirarent MadeiraRent discounts and benefits:
  • 15% off the standard public tariff.
  • 1 Free upgrade (subject to availability)
  • Preferential tariff for rentals at CRC - Car Rental Company (Lisbon)
StaCat Clínica Santa Catarina:
  • 10% discount for Palheiro loyalty card holders, valid for internment, surgery and delivery room services.
  • 10% discount at the Policlinica do Caniço for listed services and speciality consultations.
SPEA SPEA - (Portuguese Society for the study of Birds):
  • SPEA membership discount in shop and activities of SPEA
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LokoLoko Madeira Medical Center:
myhome cd My Home – Cuidados Domiciliários:
  • 15% Discount on all services.
  • Tel: +351 291 745 320

O Bordão - Outdoor Shop:

  • 10% discount on cash payments.
  • 5% discount on credit cards.

Escapada dos Cavaleiros:

LokoLoko Loko Loko - Outdoor Activities:

Manta Diving Center Madeira:

  • 10% discount on dives (not including equipment).
  • Condition: Minimum of 2 Dives for certified divers only.

Sea Bathing at the Lido Galomar Beach:

Bordal discounts and benefits:
  • 10% discount on all products including airport shop.
Espaço Reabilitesse discounts and benefits:
Blandy Travel agency discounts and benefits:
Quiro Funchal discounts and benefits:
  • €5,00 discount on First appointment and treatments.
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AtlantiFrete Removals, Packing and Transport:
ALM - Academia de Línguas da Madeira:
  • 10% discount for Portuguese lessons
  • 5% discount on other languages, namely : English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian & Dutch.
  • * Not to be accumulated with other discounts!

Do you Qualify for the Loyalty Card?

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